Yassen Abdel-Baki

Yassen Baki, Web Programmer

Computer Software Engineer

Citizens Academy Certificate,
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, October 2019

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Instructional Technology, University of South Florida, 2017- Spring 2020

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology: Web Design, University of South Florida, Spring 2016

MSc. in E-Commerce Technology, DePaul University, Fall 2007

BSc. in Computer Science,
Fall 2002

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United States Army Strong!

  Yassen is a Computer Software Engineer with a concentration on Web Programming and Instructional Technology (Web Design). He holds a Bachelors of Computer Science (Fall 2002), a Masters of E-Commerce Technology (DePaul University, Fall 2007), and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology: Web Design (University of South Florida, Spring 2016). He started web development around 23 years ago as a hobby while pursuing his Bachelors degree, starting with one static web page to developing sophisticated dynamic web applications, such as e-commerce, instructional material, photo gallery, web blog, and much more. In addition, he has advanced database, programming, quality assurance, technical support, and graphic design expertise.

  Abdel-Baki is an American; of an Arab-American ethnic background, of an Egyptian descent, and his hometown is Sarasota, Florida. In addition, he is a United States Army veteran and while in the service he was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the American Red Cross, received on the presence of the 3rd Infantry Division Deputy Commanding General, Garrison Commander, and their sergeant majors (March 22, 2011).

Yassen Abdel-Baki, American Red Cross Award

  Finally, Abdel-Baki is given the Arabic title AlSharif (The Noble) as being a descendant of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, a typical American-Muslim! A Muslim who peacefully strives to follow his religion Islam to please God and a real American who loves his country and who will always defend and support the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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